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As a sociology teacher, I not only aim to challenge students to think critically about the social world but also to equip them with effective professional communication and writing skills.


My teaching philosophy is composed of three main objectives: 1) Educating students about inequalities and how social identities and oppressions are intersectional; 2) Challenging students through global perspectives; and 3) Equipping them with sociological training, such as critical thinking–or “sociological imagination”–and working in teams, so they can use it later in their life and career. 

My teaching and communicative skills have grown in diverse teaching settings, from a small-size seminar to a middle-size online class. Not only in the classes but every interaction with students, I am dedicated to helping students to broaden their understanding of themselves and the global society they live in, as well as sharpening their academic and professional skills.


Using my research expertise, I have taught courses, including Gender & Society, Social Problems, Race, Gender, Class, Ethnicity, and Connecting Self & Society at UMass Amherst. I am prepared to teach courses that cover the issues of gender, family, migration, East Asian Studies, (higher) education, sociology of development, and qualitative research methods.

*Download my teaching portfolio (Jan 2021). 

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